This lesson is being piloted (Beta version)

Scikit-HEP Tutorial: Setup

For the tutorial

This tutorial uses a sampler of Scikit-HEP project packages (Uproot, Awkward Array, hist, Vector, zfit, Particle, fastjet), which are all components that you might or might not use in your analysis, as well as Python 3, NumPy, and a smattering of other mainstream libraries (Pandas, Matplotlib, JupyterLab, Numba).

Rather than asking you to install them all, just use this

Launch Binder

to get a JupyterLab session with everything included. Once JupyterLab opens, click the “Python 3 (ipykernel)” button to get a new notebook.

After the tutorial

If you want to install some of these packages on your own or your lab’s computer, I recommend Miniforge (or Anaconda/Miniconda with the conda-forge channel). This method also provides a way to install ROOT in the same environment. After setting that up, Uproot (for instance) could be installed as

conda install uproot awkward   # ... others?

If one of the above-mentioned packages is not available on conda-forge (yet), it can be installed in the same environment using pip:

pip install fastjet

Alternatively, you could install everything using pip only. This is the default way to install Python packages, and there are many tutorials, including Python’s own.