Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CI/CD): Setup


Most of the prerequisites should have been covered if you did the pre-workshop material.

At a bare minimum:

  • You should have git working on your laptop
  • We assume that you already have a CERN account or access to a GitLab instance
  • We assume you have access to the payload tarball (see below)

You should find your way to your very own GitLab homepage! For CERN this is

If you’re having issues, please let us know immediately since you won’t be able to follow this lesson without access to a GitLab instance.

Creating a New Project

Following the setup for the payload to download a tarball of the files needed, you’ll want to create new projects (e.g. at CERNs) on your personal gitlab account called virtual-pipelines-eventselection. Please make sure to set the visibility level to Public.

If you have not set this payload up yet, you can clone it from github and push it to your project.

Visibility Level

Make sure you click Public for the visibility level of the new project so that everyone can see your awesome work (and it will also make things easier when we get to working with containers). example of a properly-filled-in blank project form for gitlab