More Modern CMake: Pre-workshop Material

Before working through the tutorial, please be diligent and read through this page and ensure you are familiar with all of these computing skills. They are essential for any HEP physicist and will benefit you throughout your career. However, if you are pressed for time in the next days then be sure to install and familiarize yourself with Docker.

You can run these examples on any Linux-like system (or on Windows) if you have a compiler setup. To keep this simple as possible, you can use a docker image to keep your modifications separate from your system.

On your computer, you need to have:

Docker based setup

Docker is a powerful tool that allows you to perform a virtualization of your environment but completely in software. It allows you to bundle up the installation of tools for use by others in a uniform way without changing your underlying system, and works on all major OS’s (latest Windows 10 Update highly recommended, and required if you have Windows 10 Home).

Setup: Ephemeral

A quick and minimal docker:

docker run --rm -it alpine
apk add git g++ cmake make gdb
git clone
cd hsf-training-cmake-webpage

This does not make a volume, so you will lose whatever you do in here when it exits.

Setup: Persistent

This will allow you to keep your changes, which is both good (if you want to revisit them) and bad (if you want to know exactly what went into making them).

git clone
cd hsf-training-cmake-webpage
docker run -v $PWD:/cmake_work --rm -it alpine

apk add git g++ cmake make gdb
cd /cmake_work

The folder on your computer and docker folder are linked. Permissions/users will come from the docker container.